Thursday, 21 April 2011

When your ears bleed - Reasons to be cheerful

HI Everyone,

How these weeks are flying by - I so look forward to Reasons to be cheerful day. What a chance to look back at the past 7 days and think how lucky I am.

Reason to be Cheerful 1: Yet another trip
By the time this is posted I will be away yet again in our van - we had this trip booked before Tara was born so we are only an hour away (burglars don't even bother -the house has got cover!) We have been to this site many times before so are expecting a thoroughly relaxing weekend.

Reason to be Cheerful 2: Sleep
I don't want to speak too soon but Baby T has slept through the night for the past 3 nights!!! (that deserves 3 exclamation marks, right?) She had her injections on Monday, which wasn't too nice and could be the reason for the sleep but I'm not complaining.

Reason to be Cheerful 3: The Violin
My eldest daughter is lucky enough to get free violin lesson in year 4 & 5 funded through the Schools Music Service. She already plays the flute so we haven't really given her much attention for the violin, knowing the service could be withdrawn at any time. In fact, I have been known to ask her not to practice the violin saying it makes your ears bleed (Ok, I know I'll never win Mother of the Year!). It seems thought that she has been doing rather well, quietly (can you be quiet with a violin?) - She is 1 of 2 in her class to be chosen to join a string group organised by the council and it absolutely delighted. I suppose I'd better let her practice now!

That's it for now - I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend and look forward to reading everyone's Reasons to be Cheerful when I return (I managed to comment on everyone's last week which was an absolute pleasure as there are some lovely cheerful people out there!)


  1. Our grand children's village school with only 390 something children all decided to learn the violin, including teachers. It is brilliant!

  2. We had the free violin lesson fun some years ago. Not sure my daughter had quite the same apptitude as yours! She plays bass guitar now and seems far more suited to that.

  3. Have a great trip.
    I love the violin more than any other instrument so do keep encouraging her whilst you are allowed to be human too!
    Sleep - that is what stops you making comments that are too bad lol.
    Seriously, good enough Mum will do fine. Makes us inadequate ones feel better.
    My reasons are over at

  4. I remember a girl in our Sunday School asking to perform in front of everyone when she was learning the violin. She played some scales and it sounded like someone sitting on a cat. I've not been a fan since....

  5. I love the idea of a whole school learning an instrument - even the violin!

    You will all be glad to know that the sleeping baby has continued to be well behaved. She is fab!