Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Tara Beatrice - The First 2 Months

How quickly the weeks have flown by - Our tiny girl is now not so tiny (but still very petite!). She is a lovely addition to our family and we are enjoying her so much.

Tara's arrival has had a huge effect on the blog - I want to be able to remember these early days and months with her - I always said I would make sure I enjoyed my time with her and this continues to be the case. I'm really enjoying posting much more frequently while I can and the contact I am having with other bloggers.

Tara must think we are on one constant holiday - so far we have been away in our caravan, which was a huge success and had a trip to Centre Parcs, which was great too. The weekend Tara turned 9 weeks saw us on our second caravan trip to The Lakes - another lovely weekend.

The weather seems to be consistent with my tradition of having a glorious summer when I have babies - April has been sunny and roasting - all good practice for when we go to France in the summer.

Last week saw the dreaded injections - as usual, Dermot came to hold Tara - even after 3 children I am still a wimp! We had the usual sore legs and a little bit grumpy that evening which resulted in Tara's first taste of Calpol - oh how quickly they get to like that taste!

Today is Tara's 6 week check (at 9 weeks and 3 days!) - Looking forward to seeing what she weighs - we have moved onto some 3-6 month clothes this weekend - Tara is long and skinny and I like her to have lots of room. We will NOT be needing to buy any 3-6 months clothes - we could open a shop with her sister's hand-me-downs.

The best bit of the past 2 months is seeing how Millie and Violet are with their new sister - Millie still cannot walk past her without kissing her or talking to her and Tara rewards them both by gurgling and smiling at them - she definitely knows them!

We are still giving Tara Colief drops in her bottles - she is so good that we started to think maybe she didn't need them anymore so reduced the drops - by the next day we realised she does still need them!

Shortly we are going to have to think about moving her out of her Moses basket - she has grown so much. She is no trouble at night though and has been sleeping through til 7am ish for about a week now - how lucky are we? I think we will try to get at least a couple more weeks out of the Moses basket - its lovely having her with us!

The photographs above were taken this weekend (Easter weekend) at Holgates caravan park.


  1. I WISH Ramona had got to like the taste of Calpol... the texture disgusts her so she vomits it. Every. Single. Time. Paracetamol suppositories are the answer. Not a particularly pleasant answer, but she doesn't seem to notice or care.

    Like Tara she also slept through early, which was such a relief!

    Congratulations on a very beautiful family, and here's to many more excellent holidays ahead.

  2. Thank you Alexandra - I've never heard of Paracetamol Suppositories. I still expect Tara to wake up at 2am but so far so good. At the risk of this comment turning into a love fest, Ramona is an absolute beauty too! x

  3. Lovely photos and lovely girls! :) x