Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Tracks of my years - Billy Joel - Piano Man

I've been wanting to include music on my blog for a long time as music is a massive part of my life - both listening and playing the flute and piano. When I saw Jen's blog hop from Mum in the Madhouse, I knew I wanted to join in. I've got tons of songs that mean something to me but this is one that keeps popping up throughout the years.

I first started being a Billy Joel fan in my early teens but was very conscious that it wasn't that trendy to be a Billy fan so kept it hidden under my obsession for the Goss brothers (to be fair Matt & Luke looked a lot better on my bedroom wall!)

I have played the piano since I was seven and wanted to play like Billy (a bit more practice would have probably helped!) - In my mid teens I went to see my first concert with friends and it was Billy. It was a fabulous weekend and the highlight was him singing Piano Man. Sadly, one of my best friends who was with us on the trip passed away last year so this song reminds me of him too.

When, we had our first daughter we had the mad notion when she was 7 weeks to take a trip to Galway, Ireland. We stayed in the fabulous Radisson where they had a piano man twice a week (you can see where this is going?) We have been several times since and every time his finale is Billy's Piano Man with everyone joining in - normally after quite a few drinkies!

When we had daughter number 2, our first trip out alone as a couple again was to see Billy in Manchester - it was a really romantic night out and is said to be possibly Billy's last concert in the UK.

I'm sure this song will crop up time & time again throughout my life - daughter number 3 has happily listened along to it today and I for one will never look at my watch at 9 o'clock on a Saturday without thinking of this tune!


  1. What a great song and story. My secret music love is Five!