Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Listography - My Wedding

There's a wedding going on this week, you know? You might have heard a slight rumour - some people called William and Kate. In years to come we will all look back on our blogs and know exactly what we were doing the week of the royal wedding. I have to admit I am looking forward to watching some of it - I doubt I will get to see what the wedding cake is like (even the rumoured McVities wedding cake) but we will see her dress over and over again.

To keep the wedding theme going, Kate from KateTakes5 has dedicated this week's Listography to 5 things I would change about my wedding.

I thought this was going to be an impossible one for me as I have always spluttered about how I wouldn't change a thing about my (our) wedding but when I dug deep I have found some. So here goes...

1. I would make my own wedding cake - you saw that coming didn't you? Our wedding cake was made by my Auntie and was fab. I didn't start making celebration cakes until we had been married for 6 months. I understand now though how disappointed she was that we didn't choose something wacky while we had the chance.

2. I wouldn't dye my hair the week before - This was not the best time to discover I am seriously allergic to hair dye - Picture the scene...swollen head, face and neck, lots of antibiotics and the threat of steroids that would make me put on weight when I had dieted for a year to fit in my wedding dress. Not to be recommended!

3. I would make sure I ate some of the evening buffet! I am still thinking about that nearly 11 years on.

4. I would get married sooner - Aw! Having said that, my husband was only 22 when we got married - any earlier and he would have been wearing his school uniform!

5. We wouldn't have gone to Acapulco for our honeymoon - we didn't have the most successful honeymoon. I was jet-lagged for the first week and Derm got food poisoning for the entire second week. Therefore the reason that we go no further than France on our holidays now.

There are things that we did though that I would definitely recommend. So here is a list of 5 things to make sure you do at your wedding...

1. When people talk about their weddings, they always say how fast it went and that there was loads of things they don't remember - I have one friend who has no recollection of her entire evening do! I made sure from the start of the day that I took in every tiny detail and it worked, I remember it all - I was knackered by the end of the day but it was fab!

2. I really appreciated the time spent alone with my Dad just before we left for church - we chatted and were very relaxed. The car journey was lovely too. We lost Dad 2 years ago this week and those memories are so special.

3. We got married at 12pm - We wanted to fill the day as much as poss and we did! I didn't want to 'waste' most of the day getting ready - I wanted to be married for most of it!

4. We got married on a Friday - it saves a blinkin fortune!

5. We did loads of crafty bits ourselves - it took ages but we planned well in advance and we had loads of quirky personal elements at our wedding.

What would you recommend for the ideal wedding? What would you change about yours - hopefully not your choice of husband! Join in by visiting Kate's blog


  1. What a lovely post - glad you found the time to 'dig deep'! Can't believe you had an allegic reaction to the hair dye - nightmare!!

  2. lol I didn't have any of the evening buffet either (at mine, not yours lol). We spent most of it taking presents back to our house.

  3. Snap I was about to say I didn't eat anything at my buffet, just moaned about how little there was for the price! Nice to have a quirky wedding.

  4. Ahhh that was lovely. I went to Acapulco and also spent the whole time puking my guts up! I hear it's quite nice though...