Monday, 18 April 2011

Listography - 5 things people will say about me at my funeral


Week 2 of Listography for me and one that is slightly harder than last week - 5 things that I would like people to say about me at my funeral. I cannot decide whether these are serious or not but these are the first things that sprung to mind...

1. 'I told you she was ill'

2. 'I've never seen so many people at a funeral, she must have been a celeb.'

3. 'What a slim coffin' ... a person can always dream!

4. 'She was the best cake maker ever'

5. 'She organised the world's best wake before she went'

God knows where Kate gets her ideas from for these Lists but they are great fun - why not join in?


  1. 'What a slim coffin' ha ha ha - I bet that gets said all the time! Sorry for the curveball this week - I'll be positively upbeat next week I promise.

  2. Wow just had a look at your cake site: - AMAZING! (Plus I love the gorgeous music on it). Wow.

  3. I'd also love to know what a slim coffin looks like ;-). Great list!

  4. Hah, I see the ghost of Spike Milligan at work here. I also aspire to being an expert cake maker - what could be a better life achievement than that?

  5. what a slim coffin had me laughing. popping over from listography. new follower too. x

  6. Thanks everyone - I'm not ever likely to experience a slim coffin judging by the amount of biscuits I've just inhaled!

    Kate, thank you for visiting the cake site - it's like my alter-ego - a life I don't mention on here! :-)

  7. I really want a slim coffin too, I might order one & if they have to chop bits off me to get me in then so be it....

  8. ROFL I love the first one. Thats what I'll have on my tomb stone. Definately a hypochondriac.

  9. I wish I could make cakes! :-)

    Love the idea of a slim coffin!