Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Gallery - All 3!

Here's how it goes...
You want to record your comings & goings.
You start a blog.
You take more pictures.
You buy a posh camera.
Your husband starts taking pictures of fruit.

...and now I'm taking pictures of people taking pictures of fruit!

I have 2 more blogs... My cakey/foodie blog aims to tell the story behind my cake orders. They are not always my best cakes or best photos but have the best stories - This was for a couple ruled by their 4 dogs. They are both gaming mad (the groom is holding an x-box controller) and play poker every week.

Aardvark Cakes

This is my newest blog but still very special as I tracking our progress as we turn from a family of 4 into a party of 5 on our caravan travels - We are having great fun so far. This is what we look like when we are set up!

Five Go Caravanning

This is a post for this week's Gallery - visit the other posts to see what other people's blogs mean to them


  1. The caravanning looks fun. Can I come with you ;)

  2. The carvanning looks like lots of fun and it made me laugh how you show the directions that blogging takes us in.
    My Gallery attempt is at

  3. lol, that is so true about the new camera. I take pictures of everything and anything now. Hope you are enjoying your caravan in all this lovely weather! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment ;o)

  4. The more the merrier on the caravanning trips! Here's hoping the fabulous weather sticks - at least until we are back from the next trip! Thanks for your comments x