Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Neighbours ...Welcome to The Gallery

This picture is the one I think of when I think of The View From My Front Door I am adding this picture (I know its not a very good one but then I'm no photographer!) as part of a challenge set by Tara Cain of Sticky Fingers blog. Each week Tara sets a theme for your photo and you add it on a Wednesday. This is my first week - For everyone else's previous 4 weeks visit here

We didn't have to include a literal picture from our road but I love this - This was a street party that I helped organise last year to support the Big Lunch started by the Eden Project. The aim being to get people meeting their community. Ours certainly worked - we got at least 70% of our road involved and the day was brilliant - We had a disco, competitions, treasure hunt, tug of war, karaoke and lots more. We have since had a bulb planting party to prepare for this year's Big Lunch in July and I can honestly say our street community is fantastic since. Its lovely to see all neighbours of all ages speaking - in fact tonight I am going to the second Percval Way Ladies Boozy Do! Best get ready!

For the rest of the pictures for this week (and there are some brilliant ones!) Click on the mug!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Something for the weekend - Prep - Curtis Sittenfield

Time for the first book review and what a book to start with! - Prep by Curtis Sittenfield.

I was in the mood for a good read to help me escape and this book definately delivered that. It is certainly a grown up Malory Towers book set in a boarding school about a girl who feels she is always on the outside looking in. I believe this book was banned from school reading lists in part of the US described as 'pornographic' - I wouldn't go that far but its not a book to lend to your mother-in-law - It does get rather rude about 3/4 way through!

It is a very easy read and one that leaves you feeling a little lost when you have finished.

I loved this book as I loved one of Curtis' other books - American Wife I would definately recommend her.

The good bits...Easy to read, unputdownable!

What could be improved...I occasionally got a little irritated with the main character - I wanted her to have more self respect. She was also incredibly rude to her parents which I know we all were when we were teenagers but even so it did feel a bit awkward.

Will it be made into a film?...Possibly not

Marks out of 5 = A massive 5!!

What else am I reading? Carbon Diaries 2015 bu Saci Lloyd - More later this week!

The Bill ...

After much deliberating I have finally set up my personal blog and here it is! I have had a business blog Aardvark Cakes for a couple of years now but never had the courage to write personal items on it (Too many people I know read it!) I now want a record of the comings and goings of our lives and have found out that the internet and the people on it do not have to be as scary as they are made out to be.

I anticipate including posts about reading, children (but will try not to be too indulgent!) and pretty products and who knows what else - Lets let the adventure take us! I do not promise wonderful writing skills and my photography skills stink but fun I will have trying! I am going to attempt to join The Gallery at Tara Cain's Sticky Fingers - Have a nosy at the fantastic entries each week!

So let the journey commence ...