Monday, 29 March 2010

Something for the weekend - Prep - Curtis Sittenfield

Time for the first book review and what a book to start with! - Prep by Curtis Sittenfield.

I was in the mood for a good read to help me escape and this book definately delivered that. It is certainly a grown up Malory Towers book set in a boarding school about a girl who feels she is always on the outside looking in. I believe this book was banned from school reading lists in part of the US described as 'pornographic' - I wouldn't go that far but its not a book to lend to your mother-in-law - It does get rather rude about 3/4 way through!

It is a very easy read and one that leaves you feeling a little lost when you have finished.

I loved this book as I loved one of Curtis' other books - American Wife I would definately recommend her.

The good bits...Easy to read, unputdownable!

What could be improved...I occasionally got a little irritated with the main character - I wanted her to have more self respect. She was also incredibly rude to her parents which I know we all were when we were teenagers but even so it did feel a bit awkward.

Will it be made into a film?...Possibly not

Marks out of 5 = A massive 5!!

What else am I reading? Carbon Diaries 2015 bu Saci Lloyd - More later this week!

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