Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Neighbours ...Welcome to The Gallery

This picture is the one I think of when I think of The View From My Front Door I am adding this picture (I know its not a very good one but then I'm no photographer!) as part of a challenge set by Tara Cain of Sticky Fingers blog. Each week Tara sets a theme for your photo and you add it on a Wednesday. This is my first week - For everyone else's previous 4 weeks visit here

We didn't have to include a literal picture from our road but I love this - This was a street party that I helped organise last year to support the Big Lunch started by the Eden Project. The aim being to get people meeting their community. Ours certainly worked - we got at least 70% of our road involved and the day was brilliant - We had a disco, competitions, treasure hunt, tug of war, karaoke and lots more. We have since had a bulb planting party to prepare for this year's Big Lunch in July and I can honestly say our street community is fantastic since. Its lovely to see all neighbours of all ages speaking - in fact tonight I am going to the second Percval Way Ladies Boozy Do! Best get ready!

For the rest of the pictures for this week (and there are some brilliant ones!) Click on the mug!


  1. HELLOOOOO!! I can't tell you how excited I was when I clicked on the link from your comment and saw your gorgeous blog - I squealed.
    Love the above, and how great is a bulb planting party. We have some catching up to do.

  2. Aw! I wondered if you would notice the new link! Can't get anything past you! Yes, we need a catch-up.

    The bulbs are doing great - everytime I go out of the front door they are there growing in their pots making me smile! Its lovely to go up the road and see everyone else's!

    Hope you are all ok!

  3. Fantastic, I love a good street party, they are just such good fun. We had one a couple of years ago - you've just reminded me that we were supposed to be having another one at some point - must find out what happened to that!

  4. How brilliant. That's the beauty of The Gallery - it's not all about brilliant, technically superior photos, but the stories they tell and how they allow you to open yourself up to other bloggers and visitors.
    And you've done that perfectly!
    Welcome aboard x

  5. That sounds and looks lovely - maybe I should try to organise something like that on my street. We has an impromptu get together when lots of us were trying to dig our cars out of the snow this winter - it would be nice to do something that's planned!

  6. Percival Way Ladies Boozy Do - sounds fabulous and what a brilliant idea for the community.

  7. How exciting, I have fond memories of street parties as a child.

  8. Street party looks and sound fantastic! I wish I had a neighborhood like this! Our neighbours have never said hi to us! (we always say ho to them!) :(