Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Personalised Toy Sack - Product Review

I just love gingham and worship anything personalised for me or my girls - particularly as Violet struggles so much to find items with her name on them - Beware! Mums and Dads - having an 'unusual' name is not always good!

When I was asked to review an item from The Last Detail, I knew straightaway what I would choose. What parent doesn't crave for new ways of tidying the endless toys away?

When the bag arrived I was delighted with its size and the quality - the lettering is really secure and the stitching so neat! This makes an ideal addition to any little (or big) girl's bedroom!

I did have a slight concern though (Non-paranoid parents might not feel the same) - I worried about little V slipping the strings around her neck and strangling herself - I have no hooped cords on blinds around the house for that reason!

To change this I have snipped the cord and added ends to the cord so they don't slip through - easy peasy!

The Last Detail site is gorgeous - well worth a mooch - bet you don't come away with an empty basket!

I love this sack - Thank you!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Motherhood leads to these 9!

When this week's subject for Tara Cain's Gallery was announced as Motherhood - I knew straightaway which pic I wanted to use. These 9 crazy guys are not all mine - they are the grandchildren of my Mother-in-law ranging in age from 2 to 16. My Mother-in-law is a gentle kind and caring lady who adores her children, (and luckily for me her children's spouses too!) but I have never seen anyone so in love as she is with her grandchildren!

This picture symbolises what motherhood can result in - the bond that these cousins have is fabulous - you don't mess with the Costello cousins!

We get together fairly often - most Saturdays down at Grandmas in fact and the kids have a whale of a time. This picture was taken at my Mother-in-laws 70th birthday celebration last October - you knew in the restaurant when we had all arrived!

Julie,- thanks for being a great Mother and providing me with my wonderful husband and my lovely children (2nd and 3rd from the bottom). I hope when I grow up I become half as good a mother! x

Monday, 14 June 2010

Book Review - Della Says 'OMG' by Keris Stainton

Ages since I did a book review but rest assured lots of reading has been done around here!

I have also been lucky enough to attend 2 book launches and meet the authors - both of which were sooo lovely!

The first event was hosted by the fabulous Keris Stainton who I have got to know through Twitter and was to celebrate the launch of her debut novel Della Says 'OMG!'
This was billed as a Young Adult book but as with a lot of YA novels can be enjoyed by all ages. (I don't think I fit into the YA category anymore sadly!)

The story is of Della, a teenager who discovers her diary has gone missing and later finds sections of it popping up in embarrassing places. This book has it all intrigue (who took the diary?), romance (expertly written), humour (real laugh out loud moments!) and even a bit of food thrown in just for me!

I can highly recommend this book - a perfect beach read (which is where I read mine and so now my lovely signed copy is covered in sand!)

Coming next - another book review Caroline Smailes, Like Bees to Honey