Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Motherhood leads to these 9!

When this week's subject for Tara Cain's Gallery was announced as Motherhood - I knew straightaway which pic I wanted to use. These 9 crazy guys are not all mine - they are the grandchildren of my Mother-in-law ranging in age from 2 to 16. My Mother-in-law is a gentle kind and caring lady who adores her children, (and luckily for me her children's spouses too!) but I have never seen anyone so in love as she is with her grandchildren!

This picture symbolises what motherhood can result in - the bond that these cousins have is fabulous - you don't mess with the Costello cousins!

We get together fairly often - most Saturdays down at Grandmas in fact and the kids have a whale of a time. This picture was taken at my Mother-in-laws 70th birthday celebration last October - you knew in the restaurant when we had all arrived!

Julie,- thanks for being a great Mother and providing me with my wonderful husband and my lovely children (2nd and 3rd from the bottom). I hope when I grow up I become half as good a mother! x


  1. What a brilliant photo, Helen. A happy family! :)

  2. Thanks Talli - these guys are great and their relationship is wonderful!

  3. That's a really lovely picture - and such wonderful words to your Mother-in-Law.

  4. That is a FANTASTIC photo! Lovely post and lovely words to your MIL. *sniffs*

  5. That post is just lovely :D The photo is great too :)

  6. Such a lovely picture and post, what a gorgeous family!

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