Monday, 31 January 2011

Look Who's Back!

Another milestone in the Costello Family - The Biff, Chip and Kipper reading books are back. Just when the pain had diminished from when the 8YO read them, it starts all over again with the 4YO.

These books have been going for decades as most parents will know - Oh I wish I was more excited about these family members returning to the fold!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Well I'm still sticking to my resolutions mentioned in my last post so as part of that here is my Gallery entry for this week. Tara Cain of Sticky Fingers set the challenge of Body Parts.

There is one particular body part of mine that is quite prominent at the moment being 33 weeks pregnant but for no-one am I allowing it to be photographed - There are no specific shots of my bump during any of my 3 pregnancies. But there will be lots of the baby so hopefully that makes up for it. So that's my entry for this week Bellies!

I love this pic of my little V showing her belly and hope that she is always as proud of it - I have to say I'm particularly proud of how clean and tidy my living room looks too! V is now 4 and quite frequently strips off - wouldn't you if you had that body?

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy New Year - Whats in store for 2011

Well its Twelve Night and by now all decorations are more than likely to have been packed away, trees taken to the tip (or maybe still in the back garden like we did in 2009) - I hear a lot of people talking about how they are not making resolutions as they will only break them but I love the feeling of something new happening and lots of hope for the year ahead.

I have chosen quite general and loose resolutions for this year as at the end of February we are expecting our 3rd child and who knows what chaos that may bring.

My first resolutions has really come about as a result of being on maternity leave (well, once I have handed in my tax return!) - I will be doing less of my day job of making cakes and in a funny way feel so much freer even knowing that everywhere I go I will have someone small to accompany me and I will have a lot less income. I am very lucky to have a wide circle of friends and thoroughly intend on spending a lot more time with them this year - Be warned and have the kettle on!

For the last half of 2010 I severely lost my reading mojo - I love reading but find if anything changes significantly in my life it is the first thing that suffers (unfortunately I don't stop wanting to buy books so have cupboards and cupboards full of books taunting me) - I am resisting the temptation to join a structured reading countdown but hope for at least 2 a month- got to ease myself in gently!

This will also be the year of being exhausted but hopefully a bit fitter - I intend on walking to school a lot with my pram which should shift a bit of baby weight - once again I am not tying myself down to a particular weight - I have never been that fixated with what I 'should' be but would like to fit into the majority of my wardrobe which is currently shouting at me whilst wearing maternity marquees.

The last of my resolutions is about my online life - the secret life that a lot of my real life friends don't know about and definately don't understand. Blogs in St Helens are not exactly common place and on the odd occasion that I have tried to explain about both my blogs I get vacant glazes. I am booked to attend Cybermummy11 and am muchly looking forward to meeting other bloggers. I am well aware that this blog needs a lot of TLC so watch this space during 2011.

And that's me for now - have you made any resolutions/aims for the year? I am now going to have to search for an appropriate photo to use for this post which reminds me of another resolution...take more pics - hopefully aided by the new camera we are due to receive in Jan.