Tuesday, 15 March 2011

World Book Day - The finished articles

A long overdue post but one I want to mark just to prove I did it!

What do most parents dread receiving a lot? The letter home from school saying that the next week there is a dress up day for World Book Day - and into the equation that I had a baby 5 days earlier and you get a sense of how pleased I was to hear this news.

I love books and can't wait until the girls really get a sense of enjoyment from being lost in a book - M at 8 is getting there but I swear if I find her reading another Horrid Henry book I will scream.

I was certainly in no position to race to the shops myself to buy outfits and if anyone knows my sewing skills you will know that making a costume was not an option either. M decided to take it upon herself to ring my Mum who is a whizz with some fabric and thread and order a Dorothy costume - She had it all worked out around her fabulous ruby slippers that she happens to have in her wardrobe. Luckily, Mum was very willing and the photo shows the finished article. M wasn't that impressed at having to wear a white top inside out so a small pattern doesn't show but the ensemble looked fab!

V (aged 4) definitely knows her own mind and after suggestions of Winnie the Witch, the witch from Room on the Broom & Tinkerbell still insisted on being Snow White (the outfit was a little tight being aged 3-4) but at least its a character from a book we have.

I loved picking the girls up from school that day and seeing everyone's efforts - I am still puzzled though by the child that was Hannah Montana - don't remember that book.

Did you take part and what as? What's the best and worst costume that you saw?

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  1. <3 Dorothy!!
    I once went as Dorothy to something at primary school - my mum covered my school shoes in red glitter glue :D
    Lovely girlies! x