Thursday, 31 March 2011

I wore my coat, with golden lining...Reasons to be cheerful

Reason to be Cheerful Number 1:

Guess what we went to see this week? Yes the first of my Reasons to be cheerful for this week was our mid week trip to see Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat at the Liverpool Empire. I went with my Mum (Christmas present), my youngest sister (birthday present) and my 2 eldest daughters (still doesn't feel quite right saying that when Baby T is only 5 weeks old). Both M & V are the biggest Joseph fans and were so good all the way through - Millie proudly knows all the words to the colour of his coat song! It was so lovely seeing how much they enjoyed themselves - I can definitely recommend taking your children to the theatre.

We also had a gorgeous meal beforehand at Casa Italia just to make the night even more lovely.

Reason to be Cheerful Number 2: Parent's Evening

This week we also had parent's evening for both M & V - How lovely to be greeted by a huge smile from the teacher saying how lovely your daughter is and how well she has progressed during the past term. She really couldn't praise M enough. V's teacher is happy with her progress too and it was lovely to hear what a huge personality she has in school and how happy she seems. Phew!

Reason to be Cheerful Number 3: The Costellos hit the road!

This is the biggie for us this week. Our first trip in our touring caravan as a family of 5 - we are madly trying to get ready and set the van up for the season. I will be blogging about our adventures over here I am even more excited after seeing the lovely Becky Willoughby's Reasons to be Cheerful post from last week where she discussed the beautiful flowers that are in bloom where we are going and the gorgeous little lambs.

And that's our update for this week - why not hop over a few of the other blogs? I wish you all a happy & healthy week - Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there.

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  1. Oh I am so pleased for you. you are obviously a great mummy to produce such lovely Children - it;s a reflection of your hard work when the teacher likes them.


  2. Thanks for visiting. Saw that show and loved it. x

  3. Thank you Vanessa - what a lovely comment and just what I needed after a horrendous night with V.

    Liska, the show was so much better than I thought it could be - would definitely go again.

  4. Loved reading this. You sound so happy. Lovely to watch Joseph and great that the teachers are so pleased and what fun to be going off in the caravan. sounds like the Enid Blyton book, doesn't it "Five go off in a caravan"!

  5. Theatre and dining are two of my favourite things and featuring on more than one Reasons to be Cheerful blog this week.
    Well done on being a mum who raises happy and bright children.
    My reasons and a lot of mum stories too are over at

  6. Aww! I love that show!! I blame Jason Donovan for that!! ;o)

  7. Ohh I bet Jospeh was excellent, I saw it years back. My hubbie is a big theatre fan.

    So have you been on your touring trip by now? I hope ti was amazing.

    Thanks for joining in with R2BC.

    Mich x