Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tara Beatrice - Weeks 2-4

Tara 1 month09
I cannot believe that Baby T's first month is over already. She has been a little dream and continues to settle in brilliantly. She has met so many people - The joys of being taken to everything that your older sisters are doing.

We are finally signed off the midwife rota - Even that has been enjoyable with us being signed over to Kath, that I have known since school. We had a little scare with Baby T's belly button as when it finally fell off (Ew!) at 11 days there was a vessel still live that we had to have checked out. Even by the time we got to the doctors an hour later it was starting to die off but there is nothing like seeing what looks like a worm coming out of your baby's belly to terrify you!

We have had a visit from the Health Visitor who was really lovely and made me feel that we were doing everything just right. She seemed so realistic about living with a baby.

Last Thursday (17th March), we went to Prescot Registry Office to register Baby T - It felt slightly sad knowing this was the last time we would do that - We were so much calmer than when we registered Miss M 8 years ago - I remember being really stressed about having to keep to an appointment time! I tried to convince Derm that we could have 'Sparkle' as one of her middle names but he was having none of it (i'll still call her Sparkle from time to time!) He wouldn't even have 'Leprechaun' in honour of it being St Patrick's Day.

Both M and V continue to be besotted - M in particular can't keep her head out of the pram or Moses basket - It is lovely to hear her talking to T, telling her how beautiful she is. V has really calmed down and seems to be so much more content.

Activities in the past fortnight have increased again. In addition to the usual swimming lessons and dancing lessons, we have had a trip to church (we would have had 2 but couldn't get there in time the first time we tried - it took us 2 hours to get ready the second week!). We went to Harrison's christening which was a lovely afternoon, a 3 hour children's party (why 3 hour?!!) and plenty more visitors.

At exactly 4 weeks we decided to take a trip to Auntie Maz's and Uncle Baz's in Leeds - What a lovely afternoon we had.

Baby T continues to be very placcid - I have never known any of our girls to be happy to lie in their pram more than 30 seconds after waking. We are still using the Colief drops - the odd feed where we have forgotten to put the drops in have coincided with windy and unsettled night - We're not taking any chances! The christening is booked for 15th May - preparations are very laid back this time. All of Baby T's godparents have been asked - Fairy Godmother, Cara said as expected that she wanted to cry, Godfather, Ant gave T lots of kisses and said he was honorourd as did Auntie Suzanne. Becky went pink and said thank you. We are so lucky to have such lovely people to ask.


  1. My oh my that photo is beautiful...congratulations mamma!

  2. Oh she's adorable. Gosh I'm so broody!

    Sounds like you're having a wonderful time with her.

    Eew to the belly button thing though!

  3. What a gorgeous girl. She looks like a wee angel.