Friday, 25 March 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful

A new venture for me is the Reasons to be Cheerful blog hop that is hosted each week by the lovely Michelle from Mummy From The Heart. I am generally a happy person with a lot to be cheerful about - we all have grumpy days or sad times though and if looking back at my lists of reasons to be cheerful helps just once then I'm happy. I also think it will be a lasting record of some of our lovely times for me and the kids to look back on in the future.

So here goes, we aim towards 3 reasons each week and they can be of any topic ...

Reason to be Cheerful Number 1: My 3 wonderful girls

I wouldn't feel right not including this as my first entry. At ages 8, 4 and 4 weeks I am proud of them all - they are all beautiful and for the majority of the time get on very well with each other. I love that they are capable of having a conversation with different people ( my close friends will know that I had a slight paranoia about having boring children before they were born - as if these lovelies could be boring!)
I am very aware that I need to get some picture of all 3 girls together but happily we have been so busy since Baby T was born that we haven't got round to it yet!

Reason to be Cheerful Number 2: Spring is in the Air

It has been a beautiful week weatherwise (how terribly British to discuss the weather!) I have managed to get out a lot this week with the pram and done tons of walking (I even managed to get down to the local allotments and put our name on the waiting list which is something I have been meaning to do for 2+ years) It has been great to see everyone else out and about and people I have met seem to be more chirpy. I have spoken to loads of random strangers on my travels this week but in all honesty this isn't that unusual as I will talk to anyone!

Reason to be Cheerful Number 3: A Bit of Bling

When M was born 8 years ago, I somehow managed to persuade Derm that it is usual for the mother of a newborn to be showered with a diamond (If anyone tells him otherwise I will NOT be happy ;-)) For M, I got a beautiful diamond necklace and for V, 4 years ago I was given a fabulous bracelet encrusted with diamonds that matches my wedding ring (Get me sounding like a spoilt brat).
This week I received my gift celebrating the birth of Baby T - a bespoke necklace that has the names of all 3 children embossed on it. I absolutely love it as it symbolises a lot of hard work and just how lucky we are to have our 3 beauties. A few people have spotted it and commented. My favourite comment was the lady that called it my Mummy Necklace - it is just how I see it.

Reason to be Cheerful Number 4: (see already I can't keep to just 3!) Weekend plans

Our travelling weekends haven't started just yet but this weekend will hopefully be one of preparation for a busy summer. We have a few committments alongside the usual swimming lessons and dancing lessons - Not forgetting of course, our ritual Saturday afternoon at Grandmas!
On saturday evening at our church, there is a group of entertainer/musicians/puppeteers that are coming for the children of the town. I'm not quite sure what to expect other than what the organisers tell me will be a fantastic night. There have been 500 tickets sold so one thing I can expect is it will be very busy. More probably next week ...
Sunday morning will once again be at church (how on earth will all 5 of us get out of the house on time?) - We have been asked to go as the priest introduces babies of the parish to the congregation a few weeks before they are baptised - and that's us!

So that's the Costello Family reasons to be cheerful for this week - I wish you all a happy and healthy week - let me know if you stop by and it would be lovely to read what you are looking forward to this coming week.

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy with a Heart


  1. I can't wait to see the mummy necklace. How did I miss out on this "diamonds for babies" deal?

  2. You're getting an allotment? FAB! We can compare notes on wonky carrots : D Congratulations by the way on your new addition to the family - can't believe I missed this! But I've only just gone back on Twitter after quite a long break.Love 'counting your blessings'- my lovely Nan always used to say this and she was so right : )

  3. a great list, beautiful children and I rather like the necklace too.
    Enjoy Sunday x

  4. Perfect - really great reasons! I too am wondering where my diamond is...

  5. I love your necklace. What a fantastic idea . I was going to have a tattoo of the initials of my children. Before my son was born, their initials spelt the word CAMEL. Somehow, it didn't seem too glamorous x I can now make the word CALMED but I think I would alway just read it as Camel anyway.

  6. I love your reasons to be cheerful! :)

    Now, please please tell us where we can get one of those beautiful neclaces!

  7. Lovely lovely photograph so thanks for sharing that.
    Love all your reasons and sounds like you have life pretty much sussed and balanced in a way that suits you.
    My reasons are over at
    Clever you on the diamonds are a mother's best friend idea. Could almost persuade me to have another baby!

  8. I really like that necklace, a very lovely idea! I'm seeing a lot of nice weather reasons, I think it's making everyone so much happier :-)

  9. Beautiful children, lovely reasons and a fab necklace all bathed in glorious sunshine x

  10. Wonderful reasons. Thanks for joining in Helen. The necklace is very beautoful, so personal.

    Mich x

  11. Ah, Tara looks like she is waving at the camera. She is a fast learner. Cx

  12. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. I am completely biased about my children. I would love to start the trend for jewellery in reward for babies.

    MagicGardenCymru - Our form has gone in the allotment - there is a considerable waiting list though - possibly enough time for me to learn something about gardening!

    QWERTY Mum - I completely love the idea of your tattoo - CAMEL would be a fabulous talking point.

    Mums Arcade - Go on .. have another, it would be so worth it for a diamond!

  13. That necklace is brilliant! Love it :)

    My littlest is 4 weeks old too! I love them at this age :)

  14. Congratulations Carole - Hope you are continuing to enjoy your new arrival and aren't too sleep deprived!