Monday, 2 May 2011

What a lovely week - Reasons to be cheerful

Once again, I am terribly late with my Reasons to be cheerful post. I know I could miss but at the moment I am realising how lucky I am (I hope that doesn't sounds blase) and want to document this for those times where I may take it for granted.

Reason to be cheerful 1: The Royal Wedding

Even though this was 3 days ago, there still seems to be a feeling of happiness in the air. Even people who were cynical (my husband) at first are mostly happy for William and Kate. Children are enchanted by the real life love story of Prince Charming meeting and falling in love with his Princess. The children had a street party at school on Thursday and the playground definitely had a happy atmosphere at picking up time. The actual wedding was magical with some lovely moments - them holding hands under the bridge, the drive in the Aston Martin when it was just the two of them... I could go on.

Reason to be cheerful 2: Milo's Christening

We are just back from one of the most fabulous weekends in Leeds at our nephew, Milo's Christening. My husband was chosen to be his Godfather (I am his sister's Godmother). We stayed over in Leeds after the party and had another lovely day today just taking it easy, walking, eating, chatting, playing and drinking LOTS of tea. The kids had the best time - There is nothing like a fabulous weekend with a family celebration and we are doing it all again in 2 weeks!

Reason to be cheerful 3: Old Friends

If any of them are reading this, I DO NOT MEAN IN AGE!
We have taken our caravan down to Abersoch for the season which means we have met up with some friends we met last year. It is great to see the children meet up with their friends from last year - they have slotted into playing together so easily. It is why we got a van in the first place.
I am also sticking to my New Year's Resolution of spending more time with friends this year and am looking forward to a week of meet ups with various friends and their lovely children.
I am also enjoying my other life, my internet life at the moment and am coming across some lovely people. Don't tell my children but I am looking forward to meeting these on-line friends in real life too - Its exactly what you tell your kids not to do!

Reason to be Cheerful 4: Cakes

I posted last week about incorporating cakes into my personal blog and the reaction has been lovely. I agree that cakes make up part of the person I am but the reaction to my Gruffalo cake has really spurred me on. Its always a gamble taking a few months away from your business. I was worried that I would lose my skill but I have really enjoyed getting back into it.

Ok, that's all I have energy for - Its extremely tiring being this cheerful! Could I please ask you to pop over to Michelle's place at Mummy From The Heart and visit the other cheerful lovelies?

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  1. Beautiful, you seem to have a wonderful balance in your life and I am very envious of your weekends away!

    Will take a peek at your cake, I love looking at other peopels talents.

    Mich x