Monday, 9 May 2011

Listography - Bad Combinations

Whoa Kate! You had me lulled into a false sense of security with the last few weeks Listographies. This week's theme is Bad Combinations - Things that just plain don't work together - supposedly like the rhyme 'Red & Green are seldom seen except upon a fool'? Apart from I quite like red & green together - well perhaps not as a clothes combination...but I digress.

I struggled at first but then thought, this blog is about me (well, mainly) so that's where my bad combinations start:

Me & Fishfingers
Don't know what it is, we just don't mix. Give me a 5 tier wedding cake and I'm yours - fishfingers and they are either burnt or soggy!

Me & Being Practical
If anything is ever going to get me swearing and crying its DIY, lifting, sorting, tidying - I am so meant to sit on my bum!

Me & Timekeeping
I try, really I do but I can never seem to be on time - Sadly, my husband has now developed this trait and my children look like they are going the same way.

Me & Diets/Exercise
We are not great friends - life is too short and they sell some ok size 16 clothes these days!

Me & Homework & the 8yo
Please tell me I'm not the only one with a short fuse when it comes to homework time?

I could go on, I have found so many things that I don't mix with I'm starting to worry about myself.
For more hilarious combinations, visit KateTakes5 - even better join in!


  1. Oh this is comforting to me as I can identify with at least three of these - am useless at time keeping (my brother even says I'm so bad that he's now convinced it's an illness!) Also with diets - absolutely useless. And again with being practical - I have to get an artisan in as I simply can't do it. Fishfingers I can cook but don't and as for the homework - well, it makes me sad that 8 year olds have to do it. I didn't have it until I was a senior at the grand old age of 11 (although I have to admit that I wanted it much earlier! Strange child.) As for short fuse? I think you'd be a saint not to have one right now! :) x

  2. I struggle with homework time. It just take so loooonnnnggg.

  3. You see? I knew you'd get there in the end! Great list - thanks for joining in. x

  4. Timekeeping can go the other way too. My husband always has to leave an hour early to get anywhere so we are stuck waiting around for ages. I prefer getting somewhere just on time. :-)