Friday, 6 May 2011

Peppa Pig Cake - Finished it Friday

I am having the type of day today when it is hard to imagine completing any task - even getting a wash load in the machine seems impossible. No particular reason, just one of those days.

So it is nice to look back over the last week and think, 'yes, I have finished something'. The cake pictured is obviously a Peppa and George cake - a very popular choice for tiny humans under 6. The recipient was Hugo, the little one of Cara from Freckles Family who handily hosts Finished it Friday. This is where we can show and tell what we have finished in the last week - whether it be a book, a crafty project or even a favourite recipe.

This is my offering for this week - I also completed the Gruffalo Cake which has had a fantastic reception.
Who knows what I will manage to get completed in the coming week!
Freckles Family

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  1. Oh I love that! Gorgeous, my friends little girl would love that!