Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Listography - Simple Pleasures


I sometimes wonder if everyone else is the same as me. I still find it amazing how much I enjoy a simple life. I am definitely not a posh bird and am very easily pleased. This week's Listography from Kate Takes 5 asks us to sum up 5 simple things that we enjoy. To be honest, I had a hard time narrowing it down to just 5.

My perfect day would consist of:

A cup of coffee and a good book

Reading always seems to take a back seat and suffer when I am busy or stressed. There is nothing like the feeling of being stuck in a good book - that sense of desolation when you have finished it and are without a good read on the go is terrible! Add to this a few dunky biscuits and I'm anybody's.

My favourite programme

I get a lot of stick for being one of the only people left who avidly watch Casualty every week. I can guarantee that my husband will sit still for 50 minutes when it is on (we more often than not have to record it). We have watched it for years and know it is seriously uncool but we don't care!

Good Company

I have always loved being part of a gang/team/family - needy moi?? A bloody good chat, get together and catch up is fab - when it is unexpected is even better.

The Five of Us

Bit of a contradiction here, having talked about my love of a large gathering but one of my favourite things EVER is us 5 being together. Having nowhere to go, no phones ringing and no-one to see means that we appreciate how lucky we are to be a close family. This is when the best stories are told and when you find out that the girls have met up at school. Millie quite often looks out for Violet without us telling her she must which makes it even more special - these moments only surface when you are least expecting them and you get the warm glow of Mumhood!


If anyone can bottle the feeling of kissing and smelling your newborn, you will make a fortune!

And that's my Listography Simple Pleasure for this week - visit the others here - If we had 6 simple pleasure to choose, I'm sure most of us would have said, Getting Comments as number 6!



  1. Love the simple pleasures! My daughter will sit and watch Casualty with you; but I'll come for the tea and cakes!