Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Gallery - A very pink member of our household

This week's theme for Tara Cain's Gallery is Portrait.

According to The Free Online Dictionary a portrait is a verbal picture or description, especially of a person.

I took 'especially of a person' to mean that it didn't actually have to be a person! And so here is a very important member of our household.

Meet Ellie the Pink Elephant - She belongs to Violet, our youngest daughter and was a present from a friend when she was 5 months old. I have to admit when I saw her for the first time I thought 'oh great another dust collector' but isn't it strange how some things just click?

Ellie has been everywhere with us in the past three years - She is somewhat paler than she used to be, has had many washes after being vomitted upon, been lost a few times (last found under the shelving at Tesco after a hellish fortnight for us - which shows how often they clean under their shelves!) and has recently had a restuffing courtesy of my mother!

Have you got any unusual members of your household that just seem to have always been there?

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  1. Fabulous. Reminds me of our very own "Da" ;-)

    m X