Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Ugly Betty - The Gallery - Week 6

Wow, what a challenge this week was! There has been loads of talk on Twitter about this week's Gallery subject ...UGLY! I can't even think about the word without singing u.g.l.y, you ain't got no alibi ....Can you? No then, perhaps that's just my music taste!

Anywhoo, back to the task. My immediate thoughts were self-deprecation and posting a picture of me - but I haven't spent all my 21 years (cough!) building up my self-estemm to blow it in one fell swoop - Can you imagine how many comments I would receive though?!

Other items I thought of posting:

* Husband's feet (But they are never still enough and might break the camera)
* The Bottom of the wheely bin (too distressing to go near!)
* The cat sick underneath the trampoline that I am trying to pretend I haven't seen
* Most areas of St Helens

I really don't do UGLY - I even work with pretty things for a living (making cakes in case anyone has been living in a cave for the past 4 years)

So I thought, where am I going during the week that I might encounter ugliness...The Lake District!!! Bloody hell, its one of the lovliest places on earth!

So here is what I came up with - A Sheep! From afar they are cute little white dots on the landscape but nearby? Not so pretty and wooly are you now? This isn't the ugliest sheep we saw but the real minger was so grumpy she did a runner before the camera came out - She really has broken a lens or two in her time.

So Ewe ...Ewe are my ugly post for the week - balanced out by a gratuitous country shot of my children (who are definately not ugly - although this was one of my fears when they were in the womb - but thats a post for another day!)

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  1. hum !
    I'd say you cheated a bit on that one...
    But it's not like you were the only one (TAra, if you read this...)
    Nice sheep anyway !And I didn't know for the cakes
    No I'm not sleeping beauty !!!!
    I'm just starting the blog's adventure !!!!

  2. It is one of the loviliest places on earth!! But yep, you cheated!