Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Return and the books in my life

A massive gap between blogging I know, but I am back (AGAIN!) Real life really does seem to get in the way of this blogging lark but thats the way I'd always have it be. Lots of exciting things have happened in Casa Costello over the last month (to be blogged at a later date!)

As a result, reading and potential book reviews have really suffered so the book reviews for April are I'm afraid pitiful!

Zoe Heller - The Believers

A none finisher I'm sad to say ... I tried, I really did but just couldn't get to grips with this book. I couldn't even get any sort of story out of it but maybe that would have come together at the end. I felt I was just reading about a family set in current times that I just couldn't get to know and ultimately care for. Just words.

Teacher Teacher - Jack Sheffield

Every now and again, we attend author events at our local library and this was the last one. Jack Sheffield's stories are based on diaries detailing his life and work as a Headteacher in the wonderful North of Yorkshire. The school in question is set in the fictional place of Ragley and the characters are loosely based on people everyone of us must know. The front cover says that if you like Gervase Phinn, you will love these books. I have read Gervase Phinn and enjoyed them but feel Jack's books are better. There seems to be more about him as a human rather than just the job - and you find yourself wanting to know how things turn out. I have heard critisisms of this style of book that the anecdotes feel a little forced and how can things turn out so well - I like to look through that and think of it as clever writing. There are really humurous points in this first book (I think he is currently writing his 5th in the series) - Anyone who doesn't laugh aloud at 'Tonso Lighthouse' is a misery! I am half way through the second book in the series, Mister Teacher and enjoying that too. Hurrah!

Next book reviews = More Jack Sheffield and a concerted effort to reduce that TBR pile!

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  1. You didn't miss anything in The Believers. The main character was vile, like a caricature of Joan Rivers, bitter and twisted.

    I'd love to read one of Jack's books now as anything which had 'Heartbeat for Teachers' on the front cover and still had you praising it must be pretty exceptional.

    p.s love your tagline, does it matter that I have met you on occasion?