Monday, 8 November 2010

A quick update ...

Hi to anyone who is still brave enough to lurk around! I've been missing in action for quite a while now but wanted to check in briefly to explain why. I have so many wonderful plans for the blog but something always stops me from posting until now. I always feel that the blog post has to be 'worthy' of posting or have something unique to say but really who cares if it is only a tiny post - I know when I come across blogs that have short posts I am more likely to read until the end - Hell, we are all pressed for time!

So what's coming up?

Well, the biggest addition to the Costello family will be our new baby due end of Feb - I am looking forward to how life will change since we had our last child in 2006. I know I am actively going to have to search for Mum & Baby activities - St Helens isnt the most cosmopolitan of places - come along and join the fun!

There's tons of book reviews, some product reviews, mishaps & misdemeanours from the rest of the Costello clan and don't forget my other food/cake blog which is here

This post didn't end up being that short did it?


  1. I'm lurking! Have you got your Christmas tree up already, gosh you are so organised! Now I know why you are my friend. ;0)

  2. I'm lurking too! Lovely photos. I have to say I agree, a short blog post is usually easier to read unless you have lots of time on your hands, and that's something not many of us have these days, especially with kids!

    CJ xx